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MaltaStar: Mr Ratzinger, you were NOT invited by us to visit Malta! – Facebook Group


Mr Ratzinger, you were NOT invited by us to visit Malta! – Facebook Group
14 September 2009 09:46
Gay Activist, Patrick Attard, has opened up a Facebook group against Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Malta, attracting over 300 members so far.

The group states that its aim is to be a voice for all of those people who ‘did not invite’ the pope. The group claims that the Pope was invited on behalf of the Maltese, yet members in the group have stated that this is not the case. The group states that all 300 or so individuals in the group do not, in fact, want the Pope to visit Malta, thus the implication ‘on behalf of the Maltese’ is false.

“This is a group for those who say that Pope Benedict was not invited on our behalf. Definitely NOT UNDER OUR NAME!” says the group description, describing Pope Benedict XVI (Josef Ratzinger) as a very dangerous individual and that will “most probably do a lot of harm to the Roman Catholic Church in the long term”.

The reason for the groups disapproval of the Pope’s visit is due to a letter he sent when still a Cardinal in October 1986 stating that he believed that it is understandable that hate-crimes against gays increase if they are awarded more civil rights.

"But the proper reaction to crimes committed against homosexual persons should not be to claim that the homosexual condition is not disordered. When such a claim is made and when homosexual activity is consequently condoned, or when civil legislation is introduced to protect behavior to which no one has any conceivable right, neither the Church nor society at large should be surprised when other distorted notions and practices gain ground, and irrational and violent reactions increase." - Ratzinger [1]

Moreover, the group stated that the Pope's message in Christmas 2008 further aimed to increase hatred towards the gay and transsexual minority where he said that: "la Chiesa parla della natura dell'essere umano come uomo e donna e chiede che quest'ordine della creazione venga rispettato. Qui si tratta di fatto della fede nel Creatore e dell'ascolto del linguaggio della creazione, il cui disprezzo sarebbe un'autodistruzione dell'uomo e quindi una distruzione dell'opera stessa di Dio" [3].

Another reason for the groups disapproval of the Pope is his March 2009 comments on the way to Cameroon, where he said that condoms even worsen the problem of AIDS. The comment was later condemned by Lancet Medical Journal and the Belgian Parliament.

“Pope Benedict being the leader of more than 2 billion Catholics should inform himself properly before commenting on this life-saving aid. His comments are irresponsible at best and criminal at worst,” say the group.

The group stated that the Pope’s comments are hurtful and have inflicted pain on millions of people who are only guilty of being different- “People who had their lives ruined and some who were even pushed to commit suicide by hostile environments at home, school and work.”

“Herr Ratzinger, Sie wurden von uns NICHT eingeladen um Malta zu besuchen!” (Mr Ratzinger, you were NOT invited by us to visit Malta!), they stated.
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