Saturday, 21 March 2009

Times: What values held by MEP candidates?
Saturday, 21st March 2009 by Henry S. Pace, Sliema

I fully agree with Jacqueline Calleja (March 17) regarding the prospective candidates for the European Parliament elections. The country should clearly know their stands on moral issues. MEPs elected five years ago recently voted in favour of amendments recognising the need of laws on cohabitation, including gay couples and same-sex marriages performed in other member states. [see related letter here.]

None of them will get my vote once they took such a stand in the European Parliament.
I do suggest that journalists and media presenters should ask relevant questions on the moral values of the respective candidates. It's the only way that the electorate would clearly know their actual positions.

Europe is becoming a Godless continent and our country should stand up to be counted whenever the need arises and should lead in different European/world fora with the true Christian values.

Allow me to borrow from the concluding homily of Pope John Paul II at the Beatification of Blessed St Ġorġ Preca, Nazju Falzon and Adeodata Pisani at the Floriana Granaries on May 9, 2001 where he told the people of Malta: "Malta, Malta! You have received so much through the ministry of Saint Paul and the witness of Blessed Dun Ġorġ, Blessed Nazju Falzon and Blessed Adeodata Pisani. As you move into the future, be faithful to the legacy they have left! Follow Christ with undivided heart and never be afraid to speak up for the truth that saves and the values that lead to life! May the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Word Incarnate, accompany and protect you always, so that you will never fail to 'give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds'." (Ps 107:15).

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