Thursday, 13 December 2012

Malta Today: Cyrus Engerer’s homosexuality ‘put off’ minister

Former PN activist says minister refused to employ him within his ministry due to his sexual orientation.
Sunday 9 December 2012 - 17:30 by Julia Farrugia

Labour activist Cyrus Engerer.

Former Sliema deputy mayor and PN activist Cyrus Engerer says that three years ago he was refused employment with an unnamed minister because he is gay.

In an interview with Sunday newspaper Illum, Cyrus Engerer recalls resigning from his original job to start working within the particular ministry.

"But when it was time for me to start the new job he said he changed his mind because of my 'lifestyle'. He told me that gays and non-Catholics don't go down well with the rest of the electorate and so he didn't want to be associated with me," Engerer says.

During the interview, Engerer doesn't exclude contesting the European Parliament elections on a Labour ticket.

He also says that, if given the opportunity to contest the coming general elections with Labour, he would refuse as he wants to help out the party on several districts rather than limiting himself just to one or two.

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