Monday, 31 December 2012

Di-ve: British Archbishop calls gay marriage 'Orwellian'
31 | 12 | 2012 at 11:13; Article By: news

Leader of the Catholic church in England and Wales, Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols has described the Government's plans for gay marriage as 'Orwellian' in his Christmas Day message. He urged his followers to send letters to wheir MP's opposing plans for gay marriange.

He stated that one of his main concerns about gay marriage was how children would be taught in schools about the "true nature of marriage".

"Of course there are many different circumstances to family life. Events reshape the family lives of many people," he wrote in a letter to parishes. "We are right to express our admiration for those who work so hard to maintain family stability in difficulty and isolation. Support and loving care for them can make all the difference. But none of this takes away the importance of having a clear vision of marriage and family, based on human nature itself."

There are around 5.2 million Roman Catholics in England and Wales, according to research by the Cafod development agency.

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