Friday, 16 March 2012

Times: Suspect in lesbian attack fails to appear in court
Saturday, February 18, 2012, by Waylon Johnston

A 15-year-old who was accused of attacking a lesbian couple failed to show up in court yesterday because, his co-accused brother said, the court summons had not been served.

As the proceedings got underway, the 17-year-old who appeared in court stood in the dock, chewed on gum and told the Magistrate Joseph Apap Bologna: "What do you expect him to do if he was not given the court summons?"

The alleged victims, aged 16 and 15, were themselves arraigned and accused of slightly injuring the older brother. They stood a couple of metres away from their alleged aggressor, as did a 35-year-old woman who had become involved in the argument.

Magistrate Apap Bologna was informed that the court summons had in fact been handed to the boy's sister.

He therefore warned the teeangers' family, present in court, that the 15-year-old had better be present at the next sitting.

Police Superintendent Charles Magri assured the court that the younger brother would attend the next sitting. The magistrate warned that he would order the boy's arrest if he did not appear.

Medical doctor Maria Caruana testified that she could remember treating the boy but could not recognise him. She recalled that he had refused to give her any form of official documentation to prove his identity.

Dr Caruana said that he had a grazed knee and complained that he had a pain in his back and one of his fingers.

The case continues.

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