Saturday, 31 March 2012

Malta Today: JPO has backing of Simon Busuttil on same-sex unions
25.3.2012 by Karl Stagno-Navarra

Nationalist Party MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando says he has the backing of the MEP Simon Busuttil on the cohabitation law which includes the right to same-sex unions.

PN backbencher Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando has revealed that he has the backing of the Prime Minister's special delegate Simon Busuttil on same-sex unions.

Speaking on television yesterday evening, the PN backbencher said he had a lengthy meeting with MEP Simon Busuttil who was recently appointed by Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi as a special envoy to organise an out-reach campaign within the Nationalist Party's structures.

Pullicino Orlando also held a meeting with Justice minister Chris Said who is piloting the draft cohabitation law which also includes same-sex unions.

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