Monday, 12 March 2012

Malta Today: Lesbian attacker’s case postponed as one of accused fails to appear in court

A court has ordered that a minor appears in court on February 27 and face charges for allegedly attacking a lesbian couple in Hamrun.
17.2.2012 by Karl Stagno-Navarra

Magistrate Joseph Apap Bologna this morning ordered police to ensure that a minor who was meant to appear in court today for allegedly attacking a lesbian couple, be present for the next sitting, after it was discovered that he was not handed a court summons.

The court was told that the youth was in fact summoned but the notification was signed for by his sister, who apparently never passed it on to him.

Due to the absence of the accused, the case could not be heard and had to be postponed, with the Magistrate remarking that he could not issue an arrest warrant for a minor.

Meanwhile, the accused brother and his neighbour appeared in court, and so did the two girls, who also face charges for breaking public peace and for causing slight injuries to one of the boys during the fight.

The court however heard Dr.. Marica Caruana from the Floriana Health Centre say that one of the boys had visited her for a medical check-up, complaining of a graze on his left knee, a pain in his back and a swollen finger.

She said that the boy refused to confirm his identity and only told her his name verbally.

Dr. Caruana did not recognise the boy she saw at the Health Centre present in the court room.

The case has been put off for February 27.

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