Saturday, 10 December 2011

Times: Utility tariffs will be reduced through package of measures - Muscat
Sunday, November 27, 2011, 11:07

Labour's plans to reduce the water and electricity rates were realistic and would not endanger Enemalta and its sustainability, leader Joseph Muscat said this morning.

Speaking in Cospicua, he said the whole country was now seeing that technology which permitted a reduction in rates was available and those who thought that this was the only option Labour had were wrong.

This was just one of the many possibilities which were proving Labour right.

Dr Muscat said that Labour would also transform the Delimara power station into a gas operating one. It will also retain the investments being planned by the current government.

Labour will only have one minister responsible for all sectors covering energy. This sector was currently divided among all the different ministries with one not knowing what the other was doing.

Dr Muscat promised that a new Labour government would be lean and mean on bureaucracy, it would introduce the right for homosexuals to unite in a civil union and will legislate on IVF to give couples who cannot have children the opportunity to start a family.

A new Labour government would increase maternity leave by four weeks, and give police, soldiers and disciplinary forces the right to join a union but not to strike.

A new Labour government would also remove the €500 increase this Prime Minister had given himself and his ministers behind the people's back.

It would appoint an independent commission to come up with mechanisms of how increases could be calculated but it would not accept any increase until the country's finances and economy were back on track.

A new Labour government would also tackle the pensions issue by stimulating growth and incentivising private pensions for people who wanted to take them up.

It would also introduce measures to eliminate or reduce hospital waiting lists to the minimum possible.

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