Sunday, 25 December 2011

Di-ve: Delimara Power Station to be gas operated under a Labour government - Muscat by -
Current Affairs -- 27 November 2011 -- 12:40CEST

A Labour government would transform the Delimara power station into a gas operating power plant, Dr Muscat declared on Sunday.

Speaking in Cospicua, he said those who thought that the labour party’s energy only option is based on Sargas technology would be proven wrong.

He added that a Labour administration would also retain the current investment being done by the Nationalist government.

The Opposition Leader explained that only one minister would be responsible for all the sectors covering energy.

The leader of the opposition said gay rights cannot be ignored because of the fears instilled by conservative thinkers.

‘A government led by me will give the right of a civil union for same sex couples and IVF be legislated as the equipment is already available at Mater Dei hospital’Joseph Muscat claimed that his 51 proposals presented in parliament last Monday, were only a small part of the electoral program.

The opposition leader pointed out the fact that at one time, the government has both presented the highest electricity tariffs in history, and the highest wage for those in parliament.

Speaking about the fact that 20% of the Maltese children live in poverty, Dr Muscat said PL will hold as their mission, the assurance of a better future for our children. ‘Poverty and children will become the antonym of each other.’

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