Thursday, 29 December 2011

Malta Star: Muscat: Civil union partnerships for same sex couples
21 November 2011 17:24

A new schedule of incentives for more women to enter the employment world will be introduced.

“These incentives must be prudent and creative, safeguarding economic growth as the top priority” Opposition leader Joseph Muscat said.

The Labour government will increase the Maternity Leave period and improve the whole concept of Parental Leave. “Parental Leave will have to operate in an intelligent and flexible way, so that fathers can make a fuller contribution too” Dr Muscat said.

He added that the current family friendly measures packet needs updating and said that his government will genuinely provide proper assistance to hard working families who are trying so hard to achieve a work life balance.

“If this government continues to only promise and not deliver my government will give rights and responsibilities to cohabiting couples. We will also, out of conviction and not convenience introduce a civil union partnership for same sex couples”.

He emphasized the need of safer entertainment areas for young people and mentioned the ongoing vital role these areas play in Malta’s tourism product, including the TEFL students, a vital sector to many Maltese families who welcome them.

He added that the Family Courts will be given all the resources needed so that the best interests of children will always come first.

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