Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Times: Bishop not afraid to proclaim Catholic beliefs (1 & 2)


Sunday, 21st November 2010 by Lawrence Zammit, St Venera

I would like to express my utter disgust at the cartoon carried in The Sunday Times on November 7, which depicted Bishop Mario Grech of Gozo in an unbecoming manner.

I admire Mgr Grech, who is one of the few who are not afraid to proclaim the Catholic Church's values. Unfortunately the media try to ridicule those who profess their Christian beliefs.

Today many try to compromise on the Church's teaching in order to accommodate 'modern' sexual behaviour. However, there is nothing modern about lust, since this has always been with us.

Catholic schools in Malta must not only concentrate on the academic aspect of education but also impart Catholic values to their students. This mission should become more evident as our nation becomes more secular.

In his homily during Mass for the consecration of the Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona, the Pope said that "one of the most important tasks today is to overcome the split between human conscience and Christian conscience, between existence in this temporal world and openness to an eternal life, between the beauty of things and God as Beauty".

This message holds true not only for Spain but also for post-Catholic Malta.

Sunday, 21st November 2010 by Carmel Camilleri, Kerċem

I found the caricature of our spiritual leader Bishop Mario Grech published in The Sunday Times of November 7 deeply offensive, and I am sure the majority of Catholics in this country did too.

Does your paper no longer uphold moral values, as it did in the past? I never expected The Sunday Times to stoop so low , and attack our spritual leader in that manner. This was an insult to your readers.

Our spiritual leaders are there to show us how to carry out Christ's teachings. Christ's 'programme', unlike that of political parties, never changes.

Nobody is forced to follow it, but then those who do should not be ridiculed or marginalised.

I urge all Maltese and Gozitans who have the Church of Christ at heart not to succumb to the pressures of today's consumerist, secularised society. Our spiritual leaders should be supported, not ridiculed.

Editor's note: A cartoon is comment by the individual cartoonist, not by the newspaper.

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