Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Di-ve: Vatican declines request for meeting between Pope and gay rights activist

16 April 2010

A request made by the gay rights movement to meet the Pope was rejected by the Vatican Authorities responsible for the visit to Malta on the grounds that many people had requested to meet the Pope.

In a statement, a spokesman for the movement said that their request has been forwarded to the Vatican by the Maltese Curia.

Dr Patrick Attard said that he had asked for an audience to discuss gay issues with the Pope during his visit to Malta. He wished to talk to the Pope directly without having the message filtered through his assistants that granting civil rights to gay couples did not in anyway threatened a religious marriage as understood by the Catholic Church.

Dr Attard had last year sent an open-letter to President Dr George Abela to withdraw the invitation to the Pope until he issued an apology for a letter he wrote in 1986.

He thanked Archbishop Mgr Paul Cremona and the Pro-Vicar General Mgr Anton Gouder for taking his request seriously and forwarding the request to the Vatican Authorities.

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