Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Insiter: LGBT society to be reinstated at University

Following a two-year absence from campus, the University of Malta LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) society is to be reinstated as a fully-fledged student organisation.
The first attempt to set up such an association had been unsuccessful as members had finished their studies and consequently terminated their student life at university.

Kurt Cassar, the student behind this initiative, told that the resurgence of an LGBT society was steered by both the necessity for the LGBT community to be represented on campus and the need for someone to be a source of support for any students who are in the process of coming out. “Gays and lesbians at university will now have someone to reach out to, that is, whenever they feel the need to do so,” he said.

The formation of this student organisation is still a work in progress. Mr. Cassar is currently allocating roles for an improved Executive Board and doing away with major paperwork.

Mr. Cassar has also set up a Facebook group which has already drawn in more than 200 members. “The Facebook group has helped us a lot in terms of getting an idea of how many students are willing to put themselves forward and give us a hand. It feels great to know that we are not alone in wanting to have a say in this plan.”

Soon after Christmas recess, meetings will be held exclusively for members so as to fill them in on the society’s progress.

“Some students have raised concerns about the society leading up to a sense of division between ‘gay people’ and ‘the others’. That’s the complete opposite of what we want to achieve. Our intent is to integrate gay people with the rest of the community as much as possible”, Mr. Cassar explained.

Anyone who wishes to contact the University of Malta LGBT society may do so by sending an E-mail to To join the facebook group, click here.

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