Thursday, 4 June 2009

EU Election: Louis Grech best-performing MEP on gay rights; Simon Busuttil worst

3.6.9 by Dr Inġ. Patrick Attard

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[Click on the image to enlarge.] - Note the Catania report also discusses abortion.

According to the MaltaToday report, Louis Grech was the best performing MEP on gay rights, whereas Dr Simon Busuttil was the worst. Click on image above.

See complete article here:

Why are resolutions on homophobia (hate/violence/torture on gays) important in Europe? Casa and Busuttil opposed or abstained in these motions. See Malta Police's reply on gay-hate-book:

See detailed information on each resolution and votes here:

Read articles related to the EU Election here:

Vote wisely!

Dr Inġ. Patrick Attard

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