Sunday, 14 June 2009

Independent: ‘Azzjoni Nazzjonali’ asks how MEPs will react to EU legislation

Azzjoni Nazzjonali (AN) said it hoped that in the coming four years until the next general election is held, Malta will have overcome some of the enormous challenges facing it. That election, it said, will be fought under conditions that are different to those of the European Parliament election just held.

Almost 70,000 voters did not cast their vote or spoiled it. Brussels will be issuing ever more orders and rules and those who did not vote will have no right to complain about those rules, AN said.

AN asked what would be the position of the Maltese MEPs if the Lisbon treaty is accepted, the march to a unified Europe gathers pace, and the European Parliament legislates to introduce abortion, divorce, and same sex marriage.

How would the Maltese MEPs vote if the EP legislates for one common police corps, and that Maltese citizens can be arraigned in member states’ courts under justice systems that are totally different to ours? Will the Maltese MEPs be working to reduce bureaucracy, which is costing people millions of euros? Will they work to lessen regulations, to promote in Malta an education system which prepares students for this century and the possibility of work outside Malta? What will they be doing on pensions, in view of the lessons learned from the current economic crisis which has shown how dangerous it is for people to have a pension that does not guarantee a proper standard of living?

AN said these were some of the questions that should have been raised during the EP election campaign. But they were not brought up and the reason was that the other parties felt it would be better for them to play to partisan politics game.

AN said it was determined to work to give a stronger voice to the citizen and for Malta and Gozo to remain free from foreign ties which are against the Maltese people’s interests.

It urged a truly united country where people could express their views, in the conviction that everyone would be appreciated.

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