Saturday, 29 March 2014

Malta Today: [WATCH] Civil unions ‘on track’ despite President’s ‘moral objections’

Prime Minister does not deny press reports that President George Abela is refusing to sign the civil unions bill, now on hold for the past five weeks.
27 March 2014, 11:15am by Jurgen Balzan

Joseph Muscat - [Click on the hyperlink above to watch the video.]

Joseph Muscat - President's objections to civil union bill

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has refused to confirm reports that President of the Republic George Abela will not sign a civil unions bill due to his moral objections.

Muscat today said the bill will be enacted into law "as programmed" after it had passed through the main legislative stages, even though the bill has actually been on hold for five weeks.

The Times today reported that Abela had informed Muscat that he was not in a position to sign the Bill if presented to him. Abela's term of office ends on April 4, paving the way for president-designate Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca to sign the law.

"I cannot speak for the President," Muscat said, refusing to confirm what Abela had told him. "From our side, the law is on track and will be enacted in the coming weeks."

Muscat - who was today visitig the new headquarters for the Alert Group, an IT company - said the reports that Abela was refusing to sign the bill were "assumptions".

The new law will put unions between gay and lesbian couples on par with marriage between heterosexual couples.

Muscat today also accused Opposition leader Simon Busuttil of lying over some €1.1 million in government contracts his company European Research and Consultancy Services pocketed from various government ministries under the Nationalist administration. "A substantial part is in direct orders... Busuttil should declare the entire amount he pocketed."

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