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All Out: After Sochi

Russia’s Olympics are over. We’ve achieved a lot together – but there’s so much happening around the world. Can you help shape our campaigns?
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Andre here. Russia's Olympics Games are over – and wow – we achieved a lot together. We made sure that no lesbian, gay, bi or trans people in Russia stood up alone against the anti-gay laws, and we helped get US national sponsors to speak out.
And now the Olympic Committee has replied to our demand that countries with anti-gay laws shouldn't be allowed to host the Games in future. They said they're open to changing the rules!
But Russia's anti-gay law remains in place for now. And we're seeing new and dangerous crises in other parts of the world, as Uganda and Nigeria have passed awful new anti-gay laws.
This is an important moment to help decide what our biggest priorities should be now – and how to go about it. Can you help shape All Out's campaigns?
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Just months ago, there was no evidence that the Olympic Committee, world leaders, or the directors of major corporations had thought much about Russia's anti-gay laws.

Since then, so many have had to figure out how to join us on the right side of history. The British Prime Minister raised the issue directly with President Putin, and US, German, French and UK heads of state refused to attend the opening ceremony. Google even changed its logo to rainbow colours to highlight the anti-gay laws as the Games opened.
This massive shift happened because millions of All Out members and people around the world stood up and insisted that we can't go on, business-as-usual with the Olympics, while Russian lesbian, gay, bi and trans people are silenced, arrested and attacked.
We're already showing what this movement of nearly 2 million people can do – but what should we do next? Click here to take the poll:
Our global movement stands at a crossroads. We've helped win some big battles, and we're starting to change the way leaders – and everyday people – around the world think and talk about the rights to love and freedom.
That's terrifying to political and religious leaders who are propping up their power by demonizing gay people. Anti-gay advocates are even trying to start their own global hate movement to fight back against us – it's called "Coalition for Family Values" led by US pastor Scott Lively, who's being sued for stirring up anti-gay hate in Uganda. 
But we have love on our side and millions of mothers, fathers, siblings and friends willing to join in the fight if we ask them to. All Out works best when we all come together to pool our time, ideas, and actions. Can you help decide now what's next?

Thank you for going All Out,
Andre Banks
Executive Director

PS: Thanks so much to everyone who took the annual All Out survey at the end of last year. Those results are already helping shape this year's long-term plans. Interestingly, only 41% of people thought that the world's progress on LGBT issues is moving in the right direction. Take the poll to help figure out how we can turn the tide:
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