Monday, 27 January 2014

Times: Adoption by gays
Sunday, January 26, 2014, 00:01 by Laurence Mizzi, Paola

I would like to congratulate Bishop Charles Scicluna for his stand on civil unions and, in particular, on adoptions by homosexuals.

His clear and unequivocal statements are a breath of fresh air. By stating what is morally unacceptable according to the teaching of the Church, even at the risk of being accused of trying to impose his beliefs on believers and non-believers alike, Scicluna is only doing what is expected of spiritual leaders.

With regard to adoptions by gays, even if there were no moral objections, I would still be, like the vast majority, against. I believe that no one, single or married, straight or gay has a fundamental right to adpot. Such a right (that is to be adopted and given the best start in life after its disadvantaged beginning) belongs to the child.

While no family unit can be declared 100 per cent ideal, I am convinced that if children before being adopted were mature enough to be able to choose their adoptive parents, they would want to be brought up by a father and a mother and not by two fathers or two mothers or by a single parent, whether homosexual or heterosexual.

I am more than confident that if a survey was carried out among children, say between the age of seven and 17, the vast majority would vote to be brought up in a natural family environment, that is a father and a mother and perhaps other siblings.

I appeal to all MPs to reflect deeply before casting their vote on the effects their decision will have on children who are destined to be adopted.

I think they would do well to reflect on the fact that gay adoptions are only legal in less than 20 countries.

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