Sunday, 12 January 2014

Malta Today: Muscat urges opposition to change tack on gay adoption

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat insists the ‘Malta Taghna Lkoll’ mantra is alive and results are tangible.
Sunday 12 January 2014 - 12:01 by Jurgen Balzan

Calling on the Nationalist opposition to return to the stand taken by its previous leader Lawrence Gonzi who put children's rights above sexual orientation, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said the issue should not be politicised.

"Lets not politicise this issue, I certainly disagreed on many thing with former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi but we both agreed on protecting children and ensuring that experts decide who should adopt," Muscat told Labour supporters gathered in the party's Hamrun club.

Hitting out at PN leader Simon Busuttil's proposal to carry out a social impact assessment on gay couples interested in adopting children, Muscat called on Busuttil to "remove prejudice" and go back to the position taken by Lawrence Gonzi before the 2013 elections, which Muscat said "makes sense in today's realities."

Insisting that the much-criticised "Malta Taghna Lkoll" mantra was alive and kicking, Muscat said that the people could feel the "tangible results."

"Whatever people say this is a solid government which unlike its predecessor is united. We are implementing what we promised despite taking some unpopular decisions."

Underlining his determination to introduce the civil unions bill, granting gay couples a right to regularise their relationship and allowing them to adopt children, Muscat said that his government was unwavering in its conviction to grant "dignity" to gay persons.

"I feel energised by the need to convince people on this. Equality is a value which is part and parcel of our social-democrat creed," a resolute Muscat said.

Shooting down opposition's proposal to carry out social impact studies on gay adoptions, Muscat said that gay persons already have a right to adopt as single persons.

Pointing out that several gay couples were already caring for their own children, Muscat asked, "Will the PN take away these children from gay couples?"

Stressing that his government was ready to listen to everyone, Muscat insisted thatg the civil union bill needed to be introduced "to safeguard equality in Malta."

"On one hand we have a divided and weak opposition party and on the other a government which is resolute, a government which is humble and determined to make Malta fairer and stronger," he added.

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