Monday, 6 May 2013

Times: Seven questions for the PN’s next leader
Saturday, May 4, 2013 [Excerpt from the article]

A joint reception was held last night by the four contenders in the PN leadership election, which will be held today. From left: Raymond Bugeja, Simon Busuttil, Francis Zammit Dimech and Mario de Marco. Photo: Matthew Mirabelli

Nationalist councillors go to the polls today to elect a new leader. But where do the four candidates stand on ideological and policy issues? Bertrand Borg finds out.


Gay marriage and adoption? Gay marriage? Civil union? Or none? Where do you sit along this spectrum?

Bugeja: Civil union, and subject to expert medical advice in the child’s interests, adoption.

Busuttil: Marriage should remain reserved for a man and woman. But short of that, we should definitely legalise same-sex partnerships, giving adequate rights to the gay community. As for adoption, this is already possible.

De Marco: Civil union.

Zammit Dimech: I am not in favour of gay marriage but understand and respect the fact that our society needs to relate to new needs, and I believe we need to relate to all, irrespective of their orientation.

Civil union appears to be the right option for our society at this stage.

Adoption should be allowed provided that as in all cases of adoption, the best interests of the child prevail over all other considerations.


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