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Di-ve: Civil unions should be introduced, but not gay marriage - TPPI
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Civil unions for same-sex couples are of great to benefit to Malta and should be introduced but gay marriage is “one step too far at this time”, the Today Public Policy Institute held this morning.

Speaking during the launch of a report entitled Same Sex: Same Civil Entitlement on the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, Chairman of TPPI Martin Scicluna held that the parliament has been ignoring same sex couples for far too long and the introduction of a new legal relationship and civil union for same sex couples would play an important role in increasing social inclusion and abolishing discrimination of gays, bisexuals and transgenders. “The benefits of acknowledging same-sex relationships through a civil union would be of great benefit to Malta,” Mr Scicluna insisted.

However, the Chairman held that it would be a step too far and premature for Malta to introduce gay marriage at this time. Prior to introducing gay marriage, the government should look at the effects on children in same-sex relationships to determine how to implement the legislation, Mr Scicluna continued.

He held that despite same sex marriage being recommended in the report, the Institute does not recommend it at this point in time stating that greater importance should be directed towards ensuring equality and a marriage status in the gay community. Mr Scicluna held that TPPI does not necessarily agree with every sentence in the report.

Mr Scicluna reiterated that once Malta introduces same sex civil unions, new laws should be implemented and studies should be established to subsequently introduce same sex marriage.

The report has been presented to all MPs. The government as well as the opposition both agree with the introduction of civil unions.

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