Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Times: Love, lust and homosexuality [1 & 2]

Thursday, February 21, 2013 by Joe Zammit, Paola

Is one born homosexual? The answer is definitely no.

The first argument is that one can have a sexual attraction and inclination towards persons of the same sex without being a homosexual. If one with this inclination never indulges in homosexual acts, one will never become a homosexual. However, when one starts indulging in these evil acts, one ends up a slave of one’s own acts and renders oneself a homosexual.

The second argument is that God does not create homosexuals or heterosexuals. God creates human beings. But, due to Original Sin, all of us suffer from some evil inclination, one of which may be towards persons of the same sex. Yet, all of us can, and must, deny ourselves from succumbing to all these evil inclinations.

The third argument is that there are homosexuals who have come out of their evil habit. They did it by God’s all-powerful grace, prayer, spiritual direction, receiving the sacraments and by avoiding occasions of sin. They still have temptations but do not succumb to them anymore, thus proving that their evil inclination can be overcome.

Here I would like to note that, when they open their heart to you, these ex-homosexuals tell you that now they are happy not then. Then, that is, when they indulged in homosexual acts, they pretended to be happy but, in fact, they were not.

Now they are at peace with God, with society, with their relatives and with themselves.

These set the example to those who are still slaves of homosexual acts and want to come out to a life of grace. All of them can, if they want to.


Times: Love, lust and homosexuality

Thursday, February 21, 2013 by Joseph Farrugia, Attard

Joe Zammit has a very confused idea about lust and love. Lust is the source of urge that a man or a woman have for the opposite or same sex. If it were not for lust, neither Zammit nor I would be here. It was lust that brought our parents together and, hence, our birth. Now we must admit that some persons’ brain have a section that is similar to that of the opposite sex, hence, the existence of gays and lesbians.

Part of a gay man’s brain is similar to that of a woman while in lesbians it is similar to that of a male. This is a natural phenomenon. They are doing no wrong in acting as gays or lesbians.

Now love has nothing to do with lust. We do love our parents as our parents love us. The Maltese loved those less fortunate by donating millions of euros to the Community Chest Fund and to Id-Dar tal-Providenza. Mother Teresa loved those poor she helped. There is absolutely nothing wrong in two lesbians or two gays showing love towards one another. It is as normal as loving my wife and my wife loving me.

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