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MGRM: Marriage Equality Campaign - Get Involved!

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Marriage Equality Campaign - Get Involved!

While the government has promised to table a civil partnership bill this is unlikely to include more than basic rights and obligations. Civil marriage for same sex couples will only be achieved if we are prepared to ask for it. Get involved by sending the letter below to Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi ( and the Minister for Justice, Dialogue and the Family Chris Said ( asking for the introduction of civil marriage. This is the surest way to achieve equality for same-sex couples. Show them that marriage matters!

The template below is just a guide. The most effective letters are those that tell your own personal story. Whether you're gay, a parent of a gay child, a friend or a gay parent your story is unique and important. We encourage you to explain what it would mean to you if same-sex couples were allowed to marry. 

Dear Prime Minister/Minister,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my strong support for the introduction of marriage equality that would extend the right of civil marriage to same sex couples. 

The denial of marriage equality hurts not just same sex couples but also family members and any children they care for. While cohabitation or registered partnerships may grant some rights and protections to such families there is no substitute for marriage. No legal mechanism for protecting families is as widely accepted and as far reaching as marriage. Denying access to marriage to same sex couples discriminates against them and relegates them to second class citizenship.

Marriage equality hurts no one. It is not a threat to society, nor does it negatively affect marriage between opposite sex couples. It only serves to validate the love and commitment of same sex couples and their families and sends a clear signal that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is not acceptable in any sphere.


Other things you can do:

(i)                 Meet with your local MP’s and discuss with them the importance of marriage equality.
(ii)               Hold a Wedding Breakfast to help raise funds for MGRM’s Marriage Equality Campaign – for more information see
(iii)             Share this with your friends and family and encourage them to join the campaign.
Thank you for your support

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