Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Times: Introducing divorce: What's the hurry?

Tuesday, 22nd December 2009 by Reuben Bonello, Rabat

A section of the press asked why is the Church against divorce when Jesus Christ was in favour?

Does the writer know that St Thomas Moore, who was a lawyer and chancellor of the king, had his head chopped off because he refused to accept divorce laws for the king of England.

The Leader of the Opposition wants a Bill to introduce divorce if the Nationalist Party gives a free vote to its members in Parliament, which I hope it will not.

After divorce, abortion and same-sex marriage might follow.

Faced as we are with budget problems, why so much hurry to introduce divorce? Has the Labour Party calculated how many millions of euros it will cost the Maltese taxpayer?
I appeal to Catholics to express themselves against this continuous pro-divorce brainwashing. Divorcees should not be given a Church funeral.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said that those who leave their wife and espouse another is guilty of adultery and if a women leaves her husband and espouses another, she will be guilty of adultery (MK10.11.12).

Those who are in favour of divorce go against the teachings of Christ.

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