Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Times: Create bridges, not division

Sunday, 20th December 2009 by Carmen Caruana, LGBT Labour, Żurrieq

As a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) network, we would like to express our disappointment at the comments made by Imam Mohamed El Sadi, whereby he not-so-subtly compared homosexual relationships to those between animals and human beings, and blamed the LGBT community for all or most of the world's ills.

The Labour Party's LGBT network reiterates that it fully respects other people's religion, belief and opinion but it expects leaders and representatives of other religions in Malta do the same.

While discussing 'respect', we completely fail to understand how a rather vulnerable community that falls prey to discrimination in Malta should discriminate against another minority. We sincerely hope, for the good of both our country and diversity, that these comments will not be repeated in an open and democratic society such as Malta's, where the values of respect and tolerance are so important.

Consequently, we firmly believe that the Imam should issue an immediate apology to the LGBT community, their families and friends.

Although we consider these comments to be very strong, homophobic and out of place in a country such as ours, instead of creating division, we still wish to learn how to create bridges with people of good faith.

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