Tuesday, 12 May 2015

MGRM: Pride March Invite 2015

11.5.2015 by Gabi Calleja, Coordinator, MGRM

We invite you to this year’s Pride March which will bring to a close this year’s Pride activities. The PRIDE MARCH will take place on May 30thgathering at City Gate in Valletta at 3.00pm. This year’s march is being organised in collaboration with AXM.

This year’s PRIDE celebrations were organised around the theme Free To Be Me, recognising the important legal milestones that have been achieved with the introduction of the Civil Union Act and the Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics Act putting Malta at the forefront of LGBTIQ equality in Europe and the World. These legal changes have bestowed dignity on committed relationships between same-sex couples, ensured equal protection for their children and will make a difference in the lives of trans, gender queer and intersex persons.

Pride 2015 is about celebrating who we are as individuals and as a diverse community living within and contributing to Maltese society. While legal advances are important, helping to educate and inform, changing the hearts and minds of people is an ongoing process to which the LGBTIQ movement is committed.

For further information please contact MGRM on mgrm@maltagayrights.org or call on 9925 5559.

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