Thursday, 28 August 2014


28.8.2014 by the Malta Gay Rights Movement

Join us in recognising and rewarding the people you feel contributed most to Maltese society as positive role models from across society, from LGBTI supporters and from our LGBTI community.
Share with friends and family to stand a chance of winning 1 of 2 tickets to the Awards Gala in November, 2014

We have achieved much progress in LGBTI equality over the last years. We feel the time has now come for the our community to give back to Maltese society by recognizing and rewarding positive role models in Malta from the last 12 months.

May be you have a favorite footballer, water-polo player, or other sports person, who you admire for her/his skill at the game or maybe you admire her/him for encouraging LGBTI youth in sports. Maybe you have a spiritual advisor who has been a great support to you. Maybe your employer has been dealing well with resolving LGBTI challenges in the workplace.
Maybe you know an LGBTI parent or parent of an LGBTI person who has made a difference. Whatever your reason, nominate those persons you admire for being a positive role model over the period of the past twelve months here by completing our questionnaire—it takes less than five minutes!

If you feel other categories should be included, please propose your choices when filling out our questionnaire here. We’ll add the most popular proposals to the award categories
We will present the awards at a fabulous Awards Gala evening in November, 2014. Top nominees will be invited to the Awards Gala as guests of the MGRM—another reason to nominate those persons you admire, so they have the chance to have a wonderful evening as guests of the LGBTI community.

Nominating also has its benefits: we will raffle 2 tickets to the awards gala evening (value €200,-) among the first 100 respondents who complete our questionnaire, so answer now to be in with a chance to win!

Nominations are only open until 31 August, so hurry!

Best is to nominate now!
Nominate your choices before 31 August 2014

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Malta LGBTI in association with MGRM
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Please complete the survey in order for us to organise a successful event! Your participation will be much appreciated 

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