Thursday, 28 August 2014

All Out: I was in a gay 'cure' clinic

"No one should face the trauma I did at a gay 'cure' clinic.
"When the patient has a gay thought, we electrocute them or inject them with drugs that make them sick." One gay 'cure' clinic doctor in China said this to show what they do to gay people. 
It happened to me. In families like mine, being gay is still seen as something that can be cured, and scam clinics prey on that fear. Now, I want my friends, my family andeveryone in China to understand that being gay is normal.
Dr. Margaret Chan is the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) – an influential international authority who's from China. If we come together by the thousands we could get her to speak out against anti-gay 'cures' – and help convince officials to finally ban them.
Will you sign my petition asking WHO Director Dr. Margaret Chan to speak up now and condemn gay 'cures' in China?

I've decided to go All Out and take the clinic to court. People are supporting me by staging brave public demonstrations showing how gay 'cure' clinics are dangerous scams. But, there's more we can do to build the momentum.
Imagine if we could deliver 50,000 signatures to Dr. Chan. Pressure from people all over the world could make her see how important it is to speak up against gay 'cures.' It would also send a message to Chinese society that being gay is normal. 
Having the backing of an organization like the WHO could be a huge step towards banning these harmful 'cures' for good in China and around the world. Join me in calling Dr. Chan to make her powerful voice heard now in China and condemn gay 'cures':
I've been so inspired by the work of All Out members fighting gay 'cures' all over the world. You've gotten officials in Argentina, Ecuador and France to state that gay cures are dangerous. You've helped build the pressure to stop Brazil from legalising gay cures. You even helped pass a law in California that bans gay cures for young people.
Now, we can get the worldwide medical authority to join in busting the myth that being gay is a disease that can be cured once and for all. Help spread the word that being gay is NOT a disease. Sign now:

Thanks for going All Out with me,
Xiao Zhen*
with the support of Queer Comrades, the Beijing LGBT Centre and the All Out Team.

P.S. After I experienced electro-shocks at a gay 'cure' center in China, I decided to fight back. I need your help: if we can get the World Health Organization to speak up now and remind that being gay is not a disease, this could push the Chinese authorities to ban gay 'cures' for good. Sign now:

*''Xiao Zhen' is a pseudonym I'm using for my court case against the gay 'cure' clinic.

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Clinic, Baidu on trial over gay 'conversion' in landmark case - People Daily, 1 August 2014
Pan American Health Organization Condemns Ex-Gay Therapy - ThinkProgress 17 May 2012

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