Saturday, 23 November 2013

Times: Housing rights for same-sex couples
Wednesday, November 13, 2013, 20:32

Family Affairs Minister Marie Louise Coleiro Preca has said in Parliament that although the Housing Authority has no specific policy regarding same-sex couples, there were already some benefits that such couples may apply for.

These include rent subsidies if both are recognised inhabitants of the place; VAT refund if both have bought the place together; and subsidies on repair or enhancement of places occupied by owners or tenants.

Ms Coleiro Preca said that for the first time this year the authority received two applications from same-sex couples for grants to owners for the construction, repair or completion of the first home. The applications were accepted and the grants given.

Under the Rental Subsidies Scheme the authority received 21 applications from same-sex couples. Eleven of them are still benefiting, and 10 other files were closed for various reasons.

Ms Coleiro Preca was answering a parliamentary question by Clyde Puli (PN).

Refugees’ housing applications

The Housing Authority currently has 23 applications for social housing from as many refugees.

Answering other questions by Mr Puli, Ms Coleiro Preca said people enjoying refugee status had a right to benefit from any or all schemes operated by the authority.

No refugee has yet been allocated social housing.

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