Tuesday, 17 September 2013

DRACHMA Parents' Group Meeting 19th September

This is to confirm that this Thursday 19th September Drachma LGBT and DrachmaParents will be holding a joint open meeting to welcome family and friends to celebrate a new scholastic year - the tenth anniversary since Drachma began in Malta.

We are inviting the public, priests, teachers, gay couples, parents of LGBTs etc to come to learn more about Drachma and its mission/place in the Maltese context.

This important meeting will be held at the Unviersity Chapel at 7pm. and will afterwards be followed by some light refreshments. You are most welcome to bring something and someone along with you .... spread the word around, so more persons may feel they are not alone!

If you can email me back to let me know what you intend bringing (i.e. food/drinks) it will help to plan things better. Find us on Facebook and share the event 'Gay, Christian and doing fine!'

If you can't come, please join us for a few moments in prayer, so that the Lord will continue to bless our families.

Have a good week!



Struggling with your child’s sexual orientation? Need someone to talk to . . . someone who understands how you feel?

Drachma Parents support group can help.

Drachma Parents is a group of Catholic parents of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender daughters and sons (LGBT). Drachma Parents are moms and dads who support other parents who may be struggling with their child’s sexual orientation by helping them understand, accept and, in their turn, offer support to their sons and daughters, who are God’s children.

These parents know something about the way you feel. They’ve experienced the fear, the confusion, the doubts, the broken dreams ... and those questions that seemed, at the time, to have no answers.

Too often in times of personal troubles, we don’t know where to turn. Where in the world do we find someone who can understand and relate to the feelings we are going through? Many parents of LGBT first found hope and help by talking with other parents who had lived their same experience – and held fast to their love for their child.

If you’d like to talk to someone, or want to attend the next meeting, phone 79442317. Meetings are held monthly, normally on the third Thursday of the month.

And please, tell others about Drachma Parents. Thank you – and may peace be in your heart and in your family.

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