Thursday, 15 November 2012

Malta Star: “Atheists, abortionists, gays in smear campaign against Tonio Borg”
Tuesday, 13 Nov 2012, 05:49

Atheists, abortion organizations and the pro-homosexual lobby have organized an aggressive smear campaign in Brussels against Dr. Tonio Borg, the nominated Commissioner of Malta, to discredit his candidacy prior to his hearing before the European Parliament. The reason behind the smear campaign is Dr Borg personal stance on general issues of social ethics.

The post of the Maltese EU Commissioner became vacant after the resignation of John Dalli, previous European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, involved in an unresolved case related to the revision of the EU Tobacco Products Directive.

Malta has proposed his Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Tonio Borg as new EU Commissioner. Dr. Tonio Borg is Catholic and a member of the ruling party PN (a member of the European People’s Party, Christian Democrats).

On Tuesday, the 13th November 2012, a public hearing will be held from 3 to 6 PM, jointly organized by the three committees of the European Parliament concerned with issues related to “Health and Consumer Protection.” Following the public hearing, the chairmen of the political groups of the three committees will agree on a recommendation to the plenary, which will be discussed at the next plenary session in Strasbourg.

The European Humanist Federation (EHF), the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA-Europe) and the International Family Planning Federation (IPPF) are trying to prevent the candidate’s nomination.

European Humanist Federation president Pierre Galand stated:

“We believe that this candidacy is clearly damaging for Europe and seriously concerning for the quality of health services enjoyed by those millions of European citizens. […]There are serious doubts as to whether Mr Tonio Borg shares this commitment. As Minister of Justice in Malta, he repeatedly and vigorously opposed women’s sexual and reproductive rights and even campaigned in 2004 to constitutionalize the abortion ban in his home country. In 2011, he also strongly opposed the legalisation of divorce in Malta. In addition, he has openly expressed contempt for the LGBT community and opposed the recognition of the rights of homosexual co-habiting couples in the Maltese Parliament in 2009. Finally, as Home Affairs Minister, he clearly failed to protect the rights of illegal migrants.”

European Parliament Intergroup on LGBT, ILGA Europe and IPPF:

“Tonio Borg’s views on abortion, homosexuality and divorce are staunchly conservative and outdated. While not necessarily on topics of EU competence, he views his strong opinions as ‘issues of conscience’, which would prevent him from being an impartial commissioner—especially with the public health portfolio.”

The truth of the matter is that:

Fundamental Rights and Civil Liberties, like freedom of belief, conscience and expression also apply to a designated member of the European Commission in Malta. Religion and freedom of conscience are fundamental values for all citizens of the European Union.

The personal opinions of a candidate regarding same sex marriage and abortion are irrelevant to his suitability as a European Commissioner. The EU institutions have no competence to define the family, or to permit or prohibit abortion. The definition of the family or state regulations on abortion, family law and criminal law fall within Member States’ exclusive competence.

Atheists, homosexuals and abortion organizations are trying to manipulate public opinion with an aggressive smear campaign. They are intolerant and discriminatory policy makers because of their stance on social issues, which are clearly outside the jurisdiction of the EU.

Catholic social teaching and general social ethics are presented by them as “incompatible with European values.” If this view were followed, Christian values in politics would become an obstacle to occupy any high public office in the EU.

Source: Federation-pro-Europa-Christiana

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