Sunday, 26 February 2017

Malta Today: €135,000 in public funds for LGBTIQ support services

Malta Gay Rights Movement awarded €135,000 over three years to fund its Rainbow Support Services
Tim Diacono, 24 February 2017, 11:56am
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MGRM and the government sign agreement allocating funds to the Rainbow Support Services (Photo: James Bianchi/MediaToday)

The Rainbow Support Services, which provides support to Malta's LGBTIQ communty, will benefit from €135,000 in public funds over the next three years.

Public funds to support Rainbow Support Services

This follows an agreement signed between social solidarity minister Michael Farrugia and the Malta Gay Rights Movement, which has been operating the Rainbow Support Services since 2013.

MGRM coordinator Gabi Calleja told a press conference that the deal will add a degree of stability to the funding of the RSS, which would allow them to plan long-term projects and expand their services.

Farrugia said that the deal is the latest in a series of public-social partnerships that his ministry has signed with NGOs that work with vulnerable people., and that several similar deals are in the pipeline.

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