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MGRM: Inclusion of Trans and Intersex Persons through Legislation and Policy

8.2.2015 by Colette Farrugia Bennett, Malta Gay Rights Movement


‘Inclusion of Trans and Intersex Persons through Legislation and Policy’

Thursday 26th February 2015, 9am to 2pm

The Victoria Hotel, Sliema

On Thursday 26th February 2015 the Malta Gay Rights Movement will be organising a seminar entitled ‘Inclusion of Trans and Intersex Persons through Legislation and Policy’ as part of the EU funded Grundtvig Project ‘Queer Pathways into Diversity’ which MGRM is participating in with another five European partners. The seminar will be taking place at The Victoria Hotel, Gorg Borg Olivier Street, Sliema.

The seminar is aimed at professionals working with LGBTI families, policy-makers, legislators, members of the LGBTI community, civil society organisations and other entities interested in understanding and contributing to the relevant themes.

The project “Queer Pathways into Diversity: ‘being different’ as a key factor in LGBT*Q European Adult Education (QuPiD)” aims at strengthening political LGBT*Q (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*gender and Queer) adult education as an important strategy to combat anti-homosexual, -bisexual and -trans*gender ideologies, policies and violence in European societies and to work for the respect of different ways of living without discrimination – enabling inclusion and active citizenship of marginalized groups. The six project partners aim to discuss the needs, resources, topics, target groups, approaches and objectives in LGBT*I*Q adult education through an exchange of experiences and best practices. The partners endeavour to develop educational strategies to empower LGBT*I*Q people as well as strategies on how ‘being different’ may become a key factor for discussing LGBT*I*Q issues in general adult education also with the wider population. The project’s working method includes working meetings in each partner country and MGRM shall be hosting the project members in Malta at the end of February to discuss and share best practices on the topic of “LGBT*Q Adult Education for non-LGBT*Q persons / professionals”. 

Malta’s recent legal and policy developments in the area of LGBT*I*Q issues, including the Civil Union Act, the inclusion of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity as a ground for non-discrimination in the Constitution of Malta, and the upcoming Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sexual Characteristics Act, mark a number of best practices in the field of legislation and policy.

In connection to these developments, MGRM is organising this seminar to address the various issues related to transgender and intersex issues, with a specific focus on the scope and implications of the Gender Identity, Gender Expression & Sex Characteristics Act, as well as those of the Inclusion of Trans, Gender Variant and Intersex Students Policy in mainstream education.

The seminar will be addressed by Silvan Agius and Ruth Baldacchino, two staff members of the Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs, and Civil Liberties who work in the area of LGBT*I*Q issues, and the Coordinator of MGRM, Gabi Calleja. The participants will then have the space to discuss the methods that could be utilised to apply legislation and policy to practice in workshops format.

There is no participation fee for this seminar since it is funded by the EU Grundtvig Project and The Victoria Hotel 'Parking' is complimentary to the seminar attendees.

We would appreciate if you could forward this email to your colleagues working in your organisation or any other person you think would be interested in participating. Attached to this e-mail you will find the conference’s programme, and the link to the Registration Page. Registration is open until Friday 20th February 2015.

For further information, do not hesitate to get in touch with the organisers at

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