Saturday, 1 February 2014

Independent: Paediatric Association urges caution on gay adoption
Saturday, 01 February 2014, 10:09

The Malta Paediatric Association today urged the government to proceed with caution when it comes to introduction gay adoption, particularly due to the “lack of scientific research in the local context.”

“The adoption of children is an emotional issue which invariably generates many thoughts and feelings in us all. Our role is not intended to either endorse or condemn sexual orientation. The guiding principle and main concern of the Association is the welfare of the child.

The Association notes that married parents can create the best environment for children’s development. Nonetheless children can thrive well in a variety of family types including single and same-gender parents. The Association is committed to equally support children in traditional and non-traditional families,” the Association said in a statement.

The Association said that the civil authorities should ensure that all types of families are regulated and protected by the law, and supported to build and maintain strong and stable families to provide a healthy environment for their children. The law should also safeguard the civil and legal rights of children irrespective of their families’ structure.

“In the enactment and implementation of laws regulating adoption, the best interests of the child should be the paramount consideration, and should take precedence over the interests of adults.

Emphasis should be placed on a thorough assessment of all applicants in their competency as parents to provide affection and security to the child.

Among the several factors that should be considered in the screening process, the Association recommends that due weight is given to the stability and the unique influence that a married couple can give to the child,” the statement said.

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