Sunday, 8 August 2010

Times: Marriage and homosexuality
Sunday, 8th August 2010 by Lino Vella Clark, Msida

Julian Borg (The Sunday Times, July 18) recounted the experience of a Nigerian man and his problem with his wife and her family [see letter below]. After a few years of his marriage he admitted to her that he was gay. Mr Borg stated: "Hence, one good point in favour of divorce."

Apparently Mr Borg is completely ignorant of civil and ecclesiastical laws which both give the aggrieved party, in such circumstances, the right to have the marriage annulled and start a new life.

So, I ask Mr Borg, what has divorce got to do with this particular case?

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Times: It must be 'yes' to divorce

Sunday, 18th July 2010 by Julian Borg, Gżira

Driving home one late night this week, I listened to a very interesting programme on BBC radio.
The subject discussed was homosexuality. A Nigerian man described the trauma he experienced when, after a few years of marriage, he admitted to his wife he was gay.

His wife left him straight away, and sought revenge by making life very difficult for him. She even refused to allow him to visit his son and, to add insult to injury, her family were out to kill him. Perhaps those against divorce will take note of this situation. Both husband and wife are entitled to start a new life, hence, one good point in favour of divorce.

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